(Wo)man’s Best Friend, or Ode to Nanuq

Best Dog Ever

My Super-Duper Puppy Dog

There is just something special about dogs.  No matter what, they are there for you.  Especially my Nanuq – the cutest, sweetest mutt ever!

I must admit, when I met Nanuq at the pound, it was love at first sight.  He was penned with an Alaskan malamute that was hyper as can be, and he was just sitting there, like “I’m chill.  I’m cute.  You know you want me.”  I did.  So I brought him home (much to my husband’s chagrin).

A year and a half later, I still love him – even after the many accidents on our beige carpet, the time he ate my shoes and pooped out the part that said “made in China,” the multiple electronic items he ate or destroyed (think DirecTV remote and brand new friend’s cell phone), the times the AZ pavement was so hot he hopped from shady spot to shady spot, or the time he ate everything in my husband’s wallet except the cash (bless his little doggy soul).

Nanuq traveled across the country with us, and even though he isn’t as calm as he appeared that first day in the pound (turns out an ear infection and a certain “boy doggy” operation will suck the energy right out of a puppy!), he has turned into a flat-out awesome canine companion.  I also must say he is the most expressive dog I have ever had – he protests when you tell him to do something he doesn’t want to by howling or making a low (but friendly!) growl.  Plus, he is smart as can be – he just chooses sometimes to pretend like he isn’t…

Anyway, this is my tribute to my favorite puppy dog friend – a model companion.  He speaks his mind but is always there to comfort me, run around like crazy, dance like a fool to the “That’s My Dog” song, and in general be one cool cat – pardon the pun.  All in all, I say thank God for making doggies (wo)man’s best friend.  🙂


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