My Friendly Fortune Cookie

So my husband and I have an ongoing joke about the fortune cookies we get.  His are always vague, even un-fortune-ish, saying things along the lines of “You are a good person” instead of “You will win $1 million.”  Clearly, he would prefer the latter.

My fortunes, on the other hand, always seem to predict future happiness, wealth, success, or all of the above.  And often times, they are highly relevant to my current situation.  Some of us are just blessed, I guess!

Anyway, after a very delicious Panda Express lunch today, we cracked open our fortune cookies and, alas!  Mine was delightful (his was rather unremarkable, yet again… 🙂 ).

by Daniel St.Pierre

My Fortune Cookies Rock


A friend will be important to you and your forthcoming success.

No lucky numbers necessary for this one to be good.  See what I mean about my fortunes being relevant and super positive?!  Not only did I get a kick-ass meal of Beijing Beef and Sweet Fire Chicken, but I also got a warm and fuzzy feeling about this blog, which – thanks to some kind bloggers allowing me to guest post – has just begun to substantially pick up a few more visits.

Maybe a successful blog is not out of the question after all!  Could I possibly avoid being doomed to obscurity, in friendship as in the blogging world?  Might my fortune contain some truth, some nugget of hope about a future where everything is painted in rosy hues?  I will dare to hope!

So in the spirit of friendly blogging, here is a shout-out to my two best referrers so far!

Style Me Swanky and Lil’ Veggie Patch: check them out, as they are two awesome blogs that are super cool, with very friendly and talented leading ladies.

What is best of all is I feel I am making great online connections, and I am pleased as punch that, according to my fortune cookie at least, gaining friends can be as good for my writing endeavors as it can be for my personal well-being.  So welcome, readers everywhere! Let’s celebrate all that friends, food (I guess you have to read my guest posts to see what I mean, here, so check them out!), and fun do for us – and be happy that bringing joy to one area of our lives affects many other areas as well.

Although I have yet to see who this particularly important “friend” is, I am happy to report that the possible number of ladies this “friend” could be seems to be growing.  The more, the merrier!  The Friends Forever Friendship Endeavor is having far-reaching effects, and I am already seeing its impact in multiple areas of my life.

All in all, a great fortune, a great message, a great reminder that life is looking up – friendships, blogs, and everything else.

What an astonishing effect a happy prediction can make!



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