Meeting Neighbors, Making Friends

So it’s time for success story #1!

Yesterday, my husband and I decided to accept a casual invitation to attend a neighbor’s BBQ.  We got there about the time everyone else was leaving, which was a bit awkward, since we had really only met one of the family members a few times over the fence.

We stuck around anyway, since they were so friendly and – POOF! – before we knew it we were laughing and talking like old friends.

I found I had a ton in common with the lady I had never seen or spoken to – we are both heading back to school this week.  She works in a laboratory setting, and I used to as well.  Plus, she loves Adele about as much as I do and we have promised to exchange some CDs for our mutual benefit…

Bonus: she laughs a ton and we had a blast.

Our “quick” neighborly visit turned into five hours of chatting, laughing, and hanging out.

Put up some points on the Friendship Meter, cuz this friendly chat thing may just work after all!