A super creative blog with a super “friendly” story!

So I stumbled upon this blog when Neeks commented on my other WordPress site, and found out that with just a few words, she writes an original poem or short story – way cool!

The one I somehow managed to find right off the bat was “Best Friends For Ever!” that clearly fits with the gist of this blog. Super cute story, super fun link. Putting it on the blogroll!


Even Hannah Montana has Forever Friends!

Maybe this is a new level of cheesiness for this blog, but hey – the girl knows what she considers essential for a true friend.  I think that must be a step in the right direction!

If I knew more about the show, I might be able to talk a bit about whether her “true self” (without the blond hair?) is able to have true friends, because of the facade she maintains in terms of the wig…but that might be a bit too in-depth for today, and I wouldn’t be doing anyone a favor because I don’t know much about what actually goes on in that series.  At all.

So, I’ll shelve that topic – whether a deceiving appearance or outward presentation can inhibit the formation of deep friendships.  I just suppose I wouldn’t want my BFF to be one person with me and someone totally different (down to the hair color!) with everyone else.