Even Hannah Montana has Forever Friends!

Maybe this is a new level of cheesiness for this blog, but hey – the girl knows what she considers essential for a true friend.  I think that must be a step in the right direction!

If I knew more about the show, I might be able to talk a bit about whether her “true self” (without the blond hair?) is able to have true friends, because of the facade she maintains in terms of the wig…but that might be a bit too in-depth for today, and I wouldn’t be doing anyone a favor because I don’t know much about what actually goes on in that series.  At all.

So, I’ll shelve that topic – whether a deceiving appearance or outward presentation can inhibit the formation of deep friendships.  I just suppose I wouldn’t want my BFF to be one person with me and someone totally different (down to the hair color!) with everyone else.