A super creative blog with a super “friendly” story!

So I stumbled upon this blog when Neeks commented on my other WordPress site, and found out that with just a few words, she writes an original poem or short story – way cool!

The one I somehow managed to find right off the bat was “Best Friends For Ever!” that clearly fits with the gist of this blog. Super cute story, super fun link. Putting it on the blogroll!


September Re-cap on Making Friends

So the three goals for September were:

1. To chat with 5 new people – DONE! I’m glad to report that with starting a new degree, there were tons of people to meet, and many people were in the same boat as me (an endorsement for taking classes of any sort to meet people, I think!). Lots of potential lady friends, although I’m already starting to see that some have more potential for forever friends than others!

2. Reconnect with 3 old friends – not quite done….unfortunately.  The first attempt left a little to be desired, and even though I am still very eager to chat with a few old girlfriends, I admit I am so stretched for time that it has become a huge hurdle.  The only free time I have seems to be late at night!  Regardless, this will have to be a carry-over for October.

3. Learn something new and/or interesting about a few classmates or co-workers. I didn’t pay much homage to this topic in my posts, but I did (inadvertently) complete this one as well – DONE!  I found out that one lady I never would have expected was born and raised abroad until her early teens (very cool!).  Another lady has a child with autism and has worked everywhere from the military to a doctor’s office.  And lastly, I found out that one potential friend enjoys chocolate and wine about as much as I do.  Very promising!

Despite my shortcomings this month, I can already tell that just by making this online commitment (to myself? the universe? the blogosphere? anyone?) is pushing me to go a bit out of my comfort zone.  It is working as a constant reminder and inspiration to put the effort into making friends and meeting people.

Every time there is a break in classes or when I pass someone in the hall at work, I am starting to see it as an opportunity to meet someone new and potentially special. I am seeing the beauty in the possibility of a spontaneous, new, and lifelong friendship in the people around me, and I like it!

On to October Friends Forever Friendship Endeavor goals!


I’m not the only one worried about making friends!

How many friends does it take…?.  Meet my attempt at linking to a site that is also concerned about making friends, keeping them, and reaching a level of friendly intimacy with them.  I will also add this to the blogroll.


Welcome the poor, tired, friendless masses

Here begins a year-long journey to make friends. Not acquaintances, not shopping or drinking buddies, but full-fledged, got-your-back when your nose is to the wall kind of friends. Soul sisters. Amigas para siempre. BFF’s.

This project has been a long time in the making for me. I woke up one day (or rather, couldn’t fall asleep one night) and realized that I don’t have any true, close friends, and I WANT SOME.

After all I’ve read about how important friendship is, especially for women, to our health and sanity, I figured it was time for me to stop lamenting to my husband “I have no friends” and just go make some.

I am creating this blog to help myself process the path to “forever friends” and to help network with other people who are, though perhaps otherwise satisfied with their lives, missing the type of camaraderie and comfort that I feel comes with a secure, stable, and loving group of friends, however small it may be.

So get ready to read about what really matters – finding and keeping forever friends!