Long Winter Breaks are Fun!

After having lived the life of a professional for a few years between degree programs, I admit I forgot how cool school is when it comes to break time. Three weeks of (poorly) paid vacation is A-Okay with me!

Fun and blessings abounded this holiday season – my family is all in good health, and I managed to squeeze in several wonderful meals and outings with friends from AZ. Now that school is back in session, I suppose I must re-dedicate myself to the mission of the blog and continue with my friendship endeavors.

Hosting a party (or two!) this month will have to be my penance for slacking off (I am going to multitask and make it the first of many New Year resolutions)!  December was rather uninspiring on the Friendship Meter, so January and the fresh opportunity to meet new people will have to make up for it.

Details to come…


The Four-Part Friendship Endeavor Plan

I figure that although each month will have its own goals for making and developing true friendships, the year can also be broken into chunks.

September – November: Meeting People & Creating Friendship Opportunities

December – February: Getting into the Swing of Things & Finding Some “Regulars”

March – May: Focusing Efforts & Forming a Bond

June – August: Enriching the Friendships & Learning to Love

Of course this is subject to revision, but it at least can serve as a starting point for a year-long attempt to find, make, and keep some “forever friends!”