The Friendship Endeavor September Plan to Make Friends

So here is the plan for the first month of the Friends Forever Friendship Endeavor I will be undertaking.

September: Talk to people!

– I figure you can’t make friends if you never talk to anybody. So no more ignoring calls on my phone, smiling but avoiding conversation with people on the street or at Starbucks, and deliberately sidestepping opportunities to chat and be friendly just because I feel awkward or pressed for time.

My first month’s plan involves a true commitment to just being friendly, giving myself and others a chance to become friends.

As part of this plan, I vow to:

1. Strike up a conversation with 5 ladies out of the blue (but as naturally and normally as possible!).

2. Call three separate friends I have fallen out of touch with.

3. Go out of my way to learn something new about a co-worker (or two or three).

4. To record my successes (and inevitable failures) herein.

Wish me luck! 🙂